Need Approve Google News in 2022?



Latest Update On Google News From September 2021

In early September we informed you that the Google News app would soon stop directly rendering articles from RSS and Atom feeds and would instead send users directly to publishers’ websites (Subject: Simplifying Content Management in Google News).
As we mentioned in our earlier note, we will remove functionality in Publisher Center relating to feed-based article rendering, as it will no longer be necessary for content management on Google News. This includes custom Analytics tracking IDs and 3rd party tracking pixels used to track in-app reads, as well as custom RSS styling and feed ads.
You will still be able to use feeds to create content sections in your publication. You can also create content sections based on a part of your website using web locations. Regardless of which method you use to create content sections, when a user opens one of your articles in the Google News app, we will direct them to your website.
Our aim is to remove these features from Publisher Center by the end of November. As a reminder, you will still be able to track and measure all of your Google News traffic through your website’s existing analytics tracking. Google News performance reports in Search Console will also be unaffected.


What is Google News?

If you have a Domain & approved on google news then your article index fast and you’ll get tons of traffic from google news trending and traffic is additionally depend upon your news and content. A great Benefit is Fast Indexing.


Need Approve Google News in 2022?


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